A Letter Sent to Heaven
by Katie D. Smith, Co-Editor

Dear Son,

Now that another new year has come without you, it's so hard to believe you would have been five years old later this year.  Five years of not hearing you giggle, seeing your smile, and listening to the pitter pat of your feet as I watch you run across the floor chasing the kitty. 

You would have started school this year, another milestone that we've missed out on.  Even though I've missed out on all these precious things with you, I'm thankful for the memories you have given me. 

Thankful for the dreams you have visited me in.  Thankful for the moments when I can't find my keys, and I just know your mischievous spirit has hid them from me for some reason or another. 

You will forever be a part of my life, Charles.  I wish I could hold you once more, but I will be patient and wait for that day we're reunited in Heaven. 

I will never stop loving you, my precious boy.  Thank you for visiting me in the form of a beautiful and colorful monarch butterfly on the days when I needed my spirits lifted. 

I wish peace, comfort and happiness for you always.  I love you, Charles.

Mom xoxo...  

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