Helping Teen Moms: Connie Nykiel
by Kara L.C. Jones

You may or may not remember a book review we ran last year when we were trying to find supports for teen moms after the death of a child. In case you don't remember it or never saw it, here's the link to it:

Book review of After the Loss of your Baby: For Teen Mothers by Connie Nykiel

You can tell from the review article that it has been difficult to find consistent, reliable support for bereaved teen parents. It is frustrating. SO!!! When I got this following email a few weeks ago, I was very excited:

...I came across a wonderful review of my book After the Loss of Your Baby: For Teen Mothers.  Thanks so much to this wonderful reviewer. I did want to update its availability information. The book was updated in 2002 and is now available from my new publisher Centering Corporation, 7230 Maple Street, Omaha, NE 68134. Their phone number is 402-553-1200... Sincerely, Connie Nykiel

Being so thrilled to hear from Connie directly, I wrote back to her immediately and told her how hard it had been to find support for teen parents. I let her know we are so grateful for her work -- and it was GREAT to hear that the book was still in publication and so easily available now. Connie wrote again to offer the following information as well:

The only other book I have on loss is No One Told Me I Could Cry: A Teen's Guide to Hope and Healing After Abortion. It is published by Life Cycle Books, PO Box 420, Lewiston, NY 14092-0420. Phone is 800-214-5849. Although I am retired I am always available for my special moms. You can publish my Internet address which is

You can see that, not only is Connie generous in her writing and work, but she is also dedicated. I do hope that if you are a teen in need and/or a caregiver or loved one to a bereaved teen parent, that you will get a hold of Connie's book. And if you are moved to email her with questions or praise, please do so. Know that you are not alone!

And, Connie, thank you soooooooooooo much for your work!!! There are so many grateful folks out here!

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