Dr. Beth Proctor at Nature.com
a new grief related article from Beth Proctor, MD, who is also a bereaved parent
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One of our readers wrote to tell us about a new article over at Nature.com by Dr. Beth Proctor. Last year we ran a series of articles about loss during multiple birth, trying to offer outreach to families where one child dies when others survive the same birth. Dr. Proctor kindly contacted us back then and offered us a link to her own website and series of articles about grief. It was then that we discovered she was not only a doctor but also a bereaved parent who had experienced the loss of a child during a multiple birth.

So we wanted to share this latest work from Dr. Proctor with you here now. Nature.com, Volume 24 , Number 1, has Dr. Proctor's article: Views of Bereaved Multiple-birth Parents on Life Support Decisions, the Dying Process, and Discussions Surrounding Death. The link for it is:


It was also great to see the many resources Dr. Proctor accessed as she wrote this work. One in particular that stuck out was a reference to Donnali Fifield's work in the book William & Wendell: A Family Remembered which is published by Times Two Publishing. We've long been an advocate of all that Donnali has been voicing in her work, and it's great to see her included in Dr. Proctor's work at Nature.com. Also, when you surf over there to read, check out the table of contents for that issue and read the editoral by George Little -- he's got a great tribute there to Dr. Proctor and all the work she's done to get her research published.

Check it out!

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