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Great News Regarding the MISSing Angels Bill!

New Jersey's Senate and Assembly have passed the MISSing Angels Bill. The bill went to final vote today and was unanimously passed by legislators, at long last.

The MISS Foundation would like to thank our volunteers, Jennie Faith and Kathy Evans and all the families who supported this fight, for their fortitude and intrepid spirit.

This is truly an historic event.

For more information on the MISSing Angels Bill, visit http://www.missingangelsbill.org or http://www.missfoundation.org.

In their memory,

Joanne Cacciatore-Garard
Founder, MISS Foundation


Death of a Child: Losing Adam
A touching NPR story about fatal diagnosis, death of a child, parental grief after loss. MISS is offered as one of the resources on the story page:


Recent story about stillbirth from:
Daily Reproductive Health Report
Pregnancy & Childbirth | U.S. Stillbirth Rate Remains High
NIH Study To Examine Potential Causes [Jan 12, 2004]

      Although doctors and researchers have made many advances in the field of obstetrics in recent years, the number of stillbirths that occur in the United States "remains stubbornly high," the Los Angeles Times reports. Stillbirth -- defined as fetal demise in the uterus after 20 weeks gestation -- occurs in one in 200 U.S. pregnancies, amounting to approximately 26,000 stillbirths per year. However, the number of actual stillbirths could be higher than researchers estimate because stillbirth reporting varies from state to state. In an effort to better understand and prevent stillbirths, NIH has launched a five-year, $3 million stillbirth study. Researchers at five centers nationwide will gather data from women who experience stillbirths and conduct medical tests on them and their stillborn infants to try to better understand why stillbirth occurs. The researchers also plan to produce guidelines for reporting and investigating stillbirths (Roan, Los Angeles Times , 1/12).

[KotaPress Editor's Note: PLEASE see the article this issue about the MOMS STUDY!!! That is your chance to participate in this research about stillbirth. They need moms with all kinds of outcomes to respond. So if you had a stillbirth OR a healthy, live outcome -- it doesn't matter -- they need your response. The "control group" in the research will be the healthy, live outcomes, in comparison to the stillbirth responses. So we need ALL of you to respond!!! See: www.momstudy.com]

MISS Foundation Information
The M.I.S.S. Foundation was founded in 1996 and is an international non-profit 501(c ) 3 organization
which offers immediate and on-going support for families experiencing the death of a child from any
cause. We offer local support groups, bilingual support, resources, free funeral planning, peer counseling, newsletters, camps for grieving kids, and a wonderful website (www.missfoundation.org). We also believe strongly in community education and awareness. We offer various programs that range from healthy baby education to bereavement support to annual conferences and seminars for medical professionals helping provide psychosocial intervention to grieving families . For more information, please contact the National MISS Foundation offices at 623.979.1000.

WA MISS Local Chapter
We meet once a month over in West Seattle and offer outreach anytime from our Vashon location. Please see www.missfoundation.org/seattle for more information.

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