NeoFight 2004 Meetings
from NeoFight

I am excited to announce that the March of Dimes is allowing NeoFight to use their facilities for all of our meetings in 2004.  They have acknowledged our importance in the community and continue to support NeoFight.  They have offered to provide a conference room, beverages, and a member of their organization during our meeting times.  Below are specifics for this year's meetings.  I will also send out a reminder e-mail on the Thursday before each meeting.

Indiana Chapter March of Dimes
5th floor Conference Room
136 E. Market Street
(between Delaware and Pennsylvania)                 

Parking on the street is recommended

*April 19
July - Annual luncheon - Day/Time TBA
*September 20th
*November 15th
December - Cookie Exchange - Day/Time TBA               

* Meetings are held on Mondays

Business meeting 6:00-6:30
Sharing meeting  6:30-8:00                 

Note: Doors will be locked at 7:00

Michie Sebree, R.N.
President, NeoFight

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