Poetry: reflections from C. Vermeersch
by Catherine Vermeersch


An abandoned shell castle

on the bathroom vanity

hovers near the faucets: HOT and COLD

hoarding sounds of water




Days tumble down the waterfall,

one on top the other,

while coiled calcium sits

and swallows wet echoes whole

down its porcelain pink throat.


beached like the bar of soap in the dish.

The years like sieves

catching live things.



Wild Swans on the Kabekona

From Daniel,

first gift of the day.

Wild swans in morning meditation;

feathered grace afloat.


Their location, an offering,

from the lips of a child.

Like a bough of lilac,

begging communion

of breath and fragrance.

Flight-weary, sky visitors

rest on the Kabekona.

The river's wet stage mirrors

this gliding Spring ballet

of sculpted, winged,

white migrants.


Kissing the surface,

each swan merges with

its own reflection.

The mist

rising with anticipation.


like a small death

sudden and surprising.

previous published Lake Country Journal Dec 1999

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