Hospice...for profit??!
from KotaPress and WA State parents

It recently came to our attention here in WA state that there are at least two, large, out-of-state hospice corporations trying to move into the area. Now, it is my understanding that these corporate folks are for-profit companies who will be looking to serve hospice needs for people and families that either have insurance, are covered by medicare, or can pay out of pocket for services. And then their profits are going into their pockets.

Excuse me, but, ah, don't we have hospice here? Isn't it free? Isn't it available to anyone who needs it? Aren't our local hospice organizations open to having community members volunteer and be a part of building something local, for locals, where *if* there are any profits, those $s are coming back into the local community??? Why do we need the "group health" of hospice here to destablize the amazing hospice services we already have in place?

Our local hospices provide a full range of services for families -- regardless of ability to pay!!! This includes services to dying children, to their bereaved parents and siblings. Our local hospice agencies are able to provide many “uncompensated” services like Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Care, Community Grief Support Services, Safe Crossings, local school grief support groups, caregiving groups, and Transitions. These programs are funded by revenues being reinvested back into the local programs. If $s are lost to the invading corporates, then these services are increasingly at risk.

I know of a local family who was able to have grief therapy for an older sibling after the death of his young sister -- this was provided by hospice. This was not a service that their insurance was offering, nor would have covered. And they didn't have medicare for it! What if our local hospice wasn't here for them because of being drummed out of business by the corporate hogs? What services would that child have been able to get? Letting these corporates come into our community is more than a bad idea -- it may prove to be abusive to our surviving, grieving children who need services in the future!!!

From what I've read the two corporations trying to come into our area are:

Heartland Home Health and Hospice Services, a division of HCR Manor Care of Toledo, Ohio and
Odyssey HealthCare, a public corporation, based in Dallas, Texas

Now, I'm not sure how far along their moves are at this point. I don't know how much we can do to shut this down. But I did see a flyer asking families to tell their stories of how local, current services have helped them. Unfortunately, I missed both of those dates which were meetings held at local libraries. But the bottom of the flyer had a note saying that if anyone had questions, they could contact Lyn Miletich who is the Community Relations Director at Providence Hospice, I believe. The phone number was listed as 206-749-7707, and I think Lyn could tell you how best to show up, speak your piece(peace), and help them to keep these corporate giants out of here!!!

So speak up now!! Affect your world! We're the only ones who can stop this!


About the Author
Kara is a freedom fighting guerrilla artist who has recently taken to henna as a solace and form of expression. Check out her new site at: HennaHealing.com

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