Letter from the Editor, December 2003
By Kara L.C. Jones

Whoosh!! Another month flying by quickly!!

This whole "holidaze" season makes me dizzy, and it is hard to keep up with the flood of emotions that come and go; with the creativity that pops up as I try to express all that is happening for me. I'm sure many of you are experiencing your own versions of the "whooooosh" feeling. Hope there is some small bit of something in this December 2003 issue of Kota Loss to help support you as you move through it all.

We've got several articles about coping with grief, with friends & family, with your own senses of sorrow and joy during these "holidaze". There is information about help for grandparents, some poetry therapy ideas for creating helpful cybercircles, more Q&A with bereaved parents, inspiring quotes, some poetry, and even a short story.

I am again humbled and honored by the amazing content people have offered here -- or the information they share with me so that I can investigate further and offer write ups. We would have no way to offer this kind of support with your continued contributions! Thank you so very much.

Check it out...be in touch...and if you are looking to make any memorial donations this holiday season, please be in touch about how you can support our print zine "Different Kind of Parenting" or our Mrs. Duck Project!

Many thanks and many miracles to you,

Kara L.C. Jones, Dakota's Mommy
Editor-In-Chief, KotaPress

This page is dedicated to Dakota
Born and died March 11, 1999


Author Biography
Kara lives on Vashon Island which is a much more awesome place than she ever imagined it would be!! She is a poet, bookmaker, wife, teacher, mother to a stillborn son, facilitator, tech consult, founder, struggling p.t.barnum, turtle faithful, editor, artist, and a million other things that will prevent you from putting her in any one particular label box! Kara teaches through local art centers, artists in the schools programs, KotaPress and independently. Kara has recently re-discovered the henna arts and has begun to explore using the art of body henna as a ritual for healing. Check out her new site at:


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