Reality Check on Meds
From Kara L.C. Jones/KotaPress

Often, while on this grief journey, I will, half-jokingly, tease about having a "xanax day" or a "xanax moment" which was a term offered up for our Dictionary of Loss, defined as follows:

Xanax moment, n. 1. The moment you realize that Xanax would be mighty fine today. 2. A moment of glee and uninhibited bliss, until the memory floods your heart and you quietly weep inside.

But recently, my husband Hawk, came across this link to some research that was done outside of the US, independent of any affiliations with drug companies, etc. The results and information from these studies are downright scary!

One of the ideas presented was the following:

  • a doctor prescribes a certain dosage of Xanax
  • we acclimate to it as our body begins to no longer feel that first dosage amount
  • we then feel *more* anxiety set because that is a symptom of tolerance/withdrawal/acclimation
  • and then the doctor will raise the dose over and over each time we acclimate to dosages

And *this* is scary stuff -- because it's a never-ending cycle! If you are working with your doctor to use things like Xanax or the other drugs mentioned in the following research (see link below), you might want to be armed with this information for your next appointment.

Information is power. And being empowered about your own health and safety is *so* important. Read this, do more digging for other information on your own, and then ask questions of your doc and your pharmacist before you take yourself up to that next dosage!!! Check it out:



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After many years of being just a poet, Kara has recently declared her freedom by becoming a Guerrilla Artist. She now writes, makes handmade books, creates ATC, and is once again doing intentional henna art!!

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