Amazing Series of Articles!!!
from Kara L.C. Jones/KotaPress

Another MISS Facilitator sent out an email with a link to a series of articles titled "When A Child Dies" that she found in a local newspaper. I expected I would click thru to there and see an article or two about the stages of grief or some other mundane (and out of date) thing like most newspapers publish for bereaved parents -- BUT I WAS WRONG!!! What I actually found in this series is an amazing array of articles about the variety of grief and its circumstances, durations, and effects on various families as they move thru life after the death of a child. I was completely stunned. So stunned, in fact, that I wrote the following to the author of the series:

You are awesome!!! I cannot tell you how much this series of articles in your paper means to me. Our son Dakota was stillborn in 1999 and finding a voice for our continued parenthood has been an uphill battle!! To see our "different kind of parenting" represented in a series in your paper!!! Wow. You just don't know. Or maybe you do. Thank you so much. Thank you for giving a voice to all these parents!

Now, it's your turn, dear Kota Reader! Go to the series of articles titled "When A Child Dies" and read for yourself. And when you are also amazed to see the good works that Robin Farmer is doing by writing these -- and that her publisher is doing to print these -- you write and share your encouragement and support so that the series continues to be available to people all over the world via the internet!!! Robin's email is

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