for grandparents
by Kara L.C. Jones

AGAST stands for "Alliance of Grandparents, A Support in Tragedy" and they are doing amazing work to support bereaved grandparents. My own mom contacted them right after our Dakota died four years ago to get information and support for her unique grief. She was not only grieving her grandson, but trying to figure out how to best help her daughter and son-in-law. She found good support there.

And a couple of years later, after she had covered some of her own ground on this grief journey, she went back to AGAST to offer her volunteer services doing outreach for them. And she has been in touch with (sadly) many, many other bereaved grandparents. She has been able to offer them resources, compassion and a longer-term perspective. And she continues to learn about her own path from hearing about the paths of others.

AGAST has a website that has recently launched Forums -- not very active yet, but as grandparents discover that resource, I'm sure they will utilize those as a support tool. They also offer their newsletter online in PDF format. They offer links to other resources on- and off-line. And they are unique in the services they offer!!

We can't afford to let a solid, support resource like this disappear!! If you are in a position to offer them support, in-kind or monetary, of any kind or amount -- please be in touch with them. They need our support now, so that they can go on offering short- and long-term support to bereaved grandparents!

Check out their site today:


About the Author
After many years of being just a poet, Kara has recently declared her freedom by becoming a Guerrilla Artist. She now writes, makes handmade books, creates ATC, and is once again doing intentional henna art!!

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