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Editor's Note: Someone turned me onto this website offering awesome products for bereaved parents. Then I got to the site and realized that it is a company run by a bereaved parent. Pouneh, one of the company owners, was kind enough to share this info with me for you, our Kota readers. Many of their items offer remarkably, simple ways to honor all that parents are going through at this crazy holiday season. If you are gift giving, then you might consider giving a gift of honor and remembrance! And it is my understanding that for their photo charms, Koochoolu has no problem creating charms using photos of stillborns -- *that* is an inclusion that not many stillbirth parents find everyday!! Check it out...

Koochoolu was created in memory of Kamran J. Kaufman. He was our “Koochoolu” which means little one in Farsi. Our charms and products were developed to honor the memories of Kamran. Koochoolu specializes in the creation of unique sterling silver Photo charms that capture life's most precious gifts: kids, family, friends, and pets. Koochoolu Photo charms can be accessorized with a wide variety of handmade bracelets, necklaces, pins, bookmarks and key chains.

Pouneh Kaufman


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