Project Linus: in WA and ID, working with MISS
From Idaho & WA Chapters of the MISS Foundation

Project Linus in WA State:

From WA MISS Chapter - Through the national office of the MISS Foundation, we were told that we could request a quilt square to be made in honor of each of our children who have died. The square would then be placed in the national memorial quilt that will be shown at the MISS Conference 2004. I (Kara) immediately wrote back to Melissa, coordinator for this quilt square project at MISS, and asked her if we could have one done for our Dakota. She said yes and then went on to assign our square to a random Project Linus Blanketeer. Melissa had no idea who that particular blanketeer was, nor what that person's location was.

A few days later, Melissa gets an email from the Project Linus volunteer who is making our Dakota's square. Turns out the volunteer lives very close to us, was reading about our KotaPress work, and at that moment looked up and saw an amazing rainbow. This volunteer, Roxann, felt moved to contact us. I was so touched by how she felt Dakota had affected her as she made the quilt square! So touched that she felt that rainbow had come from my Kota!!

Then something even more extraordinary happened. Melissa wrote to me again to say she had gotten the quilt square from Roxann and it was *beautiful*. And then Roxann told me she had made a duplicate square for me to have!!!! Again, I was soooo floored by her generosity. So Roxann mailed a package off to me.

When the package arrived, I was in the local cafe here. Again, I was floored. Roxann had not made a duplicate square!! She had made a whole pillow for me!!!!!! The pattern on it matched the quilt, but this was a whole, soft, beautiful, cushie pillow! On one side she created a duck for our Mrs. Duck Project, along with Dakota's name and dates. On the other side though, she had put the Dakota Tribe quote that I had discovered in Zona's book The Soul Would Have No Rainbow!!!!!

I just can't get over her generosity. I asked her more about Project Linus and how it works here in WA State. Roxann put me in touch with Lynn Mazer who is the South Puget Sound coordinator. And Lynn sent me a copy of their newsletter. So I wanted everyone here in WA -- and all over -- to know about this amazing and talented group of Blanketeers!! Here's the WA State info:

South Puget Sound, Lynn Mazer, Coordinator

Project Linus in ID State:

Thanks to all that supported the Project Linus & MISS Blanket Act of Kindness 2003 project,
a MISS project for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month - October 2003

50 handmade blankets will be delivered this week to:
Baby Steps in Boise, Open Arms Baby Boutique in Nampa, Birthright of Boise and
The Woodriver Pregnancy Center.
These non-profit groups provide support & education to parents for a healthy pregnancy.
Each blanket is wrapped with a MISS Kindness Card, in the memory of children loved and missed.

Thanks to Project Linus Blanketeers:
Lisa in memory of Sarah Louise Taylor; Dee Dee & Taylee Stine in memory of son & brother, Bailey;
Tracy & Ron Herzog in memory of Makalie; Beth & niece, Tamara in memory of Nathan Daniel Foote;
Tara and sister Morna, in memory of Jordan David Klapprich; The Zeyer Family helpers: Marie, Rachel, Steven and Michael kept us on our toes; Linda & Steve in memory of Matthew; Tasha for Samantha; Nancy & Peter for son, Joel.

Donations of fleece blanket fabric & new store bought baby or kid size blankets accepted anytime for
October of 2004's blanket drive. Goal: 100 or more blankets! Would you like to coordinate this special project for 2004? Contact, Nancy at 861-2407 -- you don't have to sew.....just organize a bit and we will help!


Idaho Chapter MISS Foundation
MISS Foundation Idaho programs: Mothers and Dads in Sympathy & Support Children of HOPE, KISS kids, Grief Happens for teens. Please be in touch at or via phone at 208-861-2407. This resources was brought to you by MISS Foundation Idaho: Mothers and Fathers In Sympathy and Support.

MISS Foundation Information
The M.I.S.S. Foundation was founded in 1996 and is an international non-profit 501(c ) 3 organization
which offers immediate and on-going support for families experiencing the death of a child from any
cause. We offer local support groups, bilingual support, resources, free funeral planning, peer counseling, newsletters, camps for grieving kids, and a wonderful website ( We also believe strongly in community education and awareness. We offer various programs that range from healthy baby education to bereavement support to annual conferences and seminars for medical professionals helping provide psychosocial intervention to grieving families . For more information, please contact the National MISS Foundation offices at 623.979.1000.

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