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from Rev. Richard Propes

I wanted to share with each of you the news that NeoFight President Michie Sebree was named the winner of the 2003 "Tenderness Award" by Tenderness Tour, Inc. during the recent "Celebration of Life." The "Tenderness Award" is awarded annually in recognition of excellence in service to Indiana's children. Michie received a plaque along with a $1,000 prize, which she donated to NeoFight. Please join me in thanking Michie for her outstanding work on behalf of Indiana's children and her many contributions of time and money to NeoFight. Past winners of the "Tenderness Award" include Prevent Child Abuse, Indiana, Reach for Youth, Daryl Abbott of CAPS in Elkhart and The Haven Youth Center. Great Job, Michie! Your award is well-deserved!

In addition to the "Tenderness Award," it has just been announced that Michie Sebree (NeoFight President) has been named a recipient of the WRTV-6 Leadership Award recognizing her outstanding contributions to Indiana's children through her involvement with NeoFight (7 years and current board president), the Tenderness Tour (1 year and current Medical Coordinator), Big Sisters (9 years), Indianapolis Crisis Assistance Response Team, Girl Scouts and as a Pet Therapy Team with her dog, Courtney (along with other activities). In her nomination for the award, she was recognized for overcoming her own tragic loss and providing hope for so many families and children. The award is being presented this Thursday and will be broadcast locally on Channel 6 on Friday evening. So...that's two wonderful awards in one week!

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Rev. Richard Propes is a member of Neo Fight and the founder of Tenderness Tour website at

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