Grief Recovery Fundraiser
from Grief Recovery Institute

Editor's Note: Russell from over at Grief Recovery Institute and has offered us so many wonderful articles for our Kota Loss Journal. We run on a shoestring budget around here, so I never have any dollars to pay freelance authors for their contributions. But that has never deterred Russell from offering content or even creating content when a particular issue has come up for our readers. We are most grateful to him for all his work. And it is the least we can do to run this information here -- if you are looking for a place to make a holiday donation, you might consider Grief Recovery Institute.

The Grief Recovery Institute Educational Foundation, Inc.
A Non-Profit, Tax Exempt, 501 [c] [3] Organization - Fed ID # 95-4315601
P.O. Box 6061-382 - Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
Phone: 818-907-9600 - Fax: 818-907-9329

Dear Friend,

It's time for our annual snivel, grovel, and beg.

No, not a new dance step - just our way of fundraising without hanging out at the 7-11.

We have two priorities for 2004. One is to raise enough funds to make an interactive video for the hearing impaired. The other is to make training scholarships and grants available to those who are involved in the Foster Care system and need better skills for guiding the children in their care who've already experienced a host of major losses.

We hope your circumstances allow you to give generously. There are no contribution limits as in political campaigns. Donations can be made by return email with credit cards - don't forget the expiration date. Or by check to the address above.

With heartfelt best wishes for this Holiday Season and the year to follow.

Russell Friedman
John W. James


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