One Dies, One Survives, Pt. III
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As you know, if you have been following this series of articles for the past couple of months, we decided to do interviews with four families who had experienced the birth of twins where one twin died and one survived. Three courageous mothers and one brave grandmother shared their stories with us in the August and September 2002 issues of Kota Loss Journal.

In that time, I've heard from a few other readers who were grateful to hear the echo of their own experiences in those interviews. And these readers offered up some other links they have found helpful along the way. We are honored to share these with you here now as it seems a fitting wrap up to this series. We hope you will find support and outreach you need for whatever the circumstances of your loss. And if you come across other "multiple birth loss" resources, please feel free to be in touch with us!

Multiple Birth Loss Resources:

Donnali Fifield published an awesome book about her twins and her bereavement path! She's had an essay or two published here at KotaPress, and I think any of you will find her work and site to be most insightful! Check it out:

Beth Pector has a wonderful site, full of amazing resources. Beth is a family physician as well as a bereaved mom who has had a multiple birth loss with her own twins. Check out her work:

Articles page:

Poetry page:

Links to anything multiple (including loss):

And Beth wrote to us saying, "Jean Kollantai of CLIMB has been the major person who blazed a trail in support for parents in multiple birth, and her website is gradually adding content.." and it wasn't until I went back to our own Loss Links page that I realized the CLIMB resource has been there all along!! I figured that if I had forgotten about it being there (and I'm the editor who's mucking about these pages every single month), then probably readers would be glad to have the link offered up front & center again here, too. Check it out at:

As always, if you have questions or comments, send email to - we're always so glad to hear from readers. And if you have other resources to add to our list here, please do definitely be in touch!!!

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