Autumn Ritual
by Angie Westermann


A chill is in the air.

I have felt it now for a week.

The way the wind blows,

The way the wind smells.

It is you all around me

Silently you left 2 years ago

I smell you in the Breath Buster dog bones

I smell you in my Outrageous shampoo

Melting Moments cookies, bubbling

Such strange reminders.

Dx Ball your daddy played for hours.

I listened

Sleeping on the couch

Thinking …

Did this really happen?

All of this has become my ritual

As if I am calling out to your spirit

Come to your mama

Nurture her little spirit baby

Come to me

Firetrucks remind me

You would have loved them.

Perhaps you do now

In the spirit world

"wook daddy, truck"

Pumpkins, witches, scary things

That go bump in the night

My little Halloween Baby

Smelling the fall scents

All is you


To my little spirit baby who continually nurtures his mama.
Our love transcends everything, even death.
Sending you sweet kisses. Visit me in my dreams sweet one.

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