Memorial Cookbook: a call for submissions
from Keny at RAEYN Legacy Fund

Introduction: I am in the process of putting together a Memorial Tribute Cookbook in honor of our babies. I am looking for families willing to submit a recipe to be included. I would like to include a memorial message, a picture if possible and a condensed version of your story or possibly a favorite quote or poem. In addition to honoring our angels, I believe this book will be of benefit to newly bereaved families as an educational resource dealing with our grief and healing.

Copies of the cookbook will be presented free of charge to families who submit something. Additional copies will be sold and proceeds will benefit the families who access The R.A.E.Y.N. Legacy Fund which provides assistance with end of life costs to parents whom have suffered the loss of a child.

Guidelines for Memorial Tribute Cookbook Submissions

Please submit the following via email to

Angel’s Full Name
Memorial Message
WebSite address
Your story or Poem or Quote (For poems /quotes I need to know author’s name to give proper credit)

Please include a note stating that The R.A.E.Y.N. Legacy Fund has permission to reprint your submission in the yet to be titled Memorial Tribute cookbook. *NOTE: If you are using someone else's poem, we need permissions from the author to publish their works in print! If the author is unknown, then please note that we may not be able to re-publish the work.*

I will contact you via email when the book is completed to obtain a mailing address to mail you a copy.

Thank you for your help.

In their memory,

Keny Marie Leepier,
Mommy to Raeyn Jolie 11/9/02
Founder, The R.A.E.Y.N. Legacy Fund
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