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What can I say? It started off innocently enough. In one of our groups, there were a bunch of us having a string of ... of ... bad luck? bad days? Well, I don't know what. But the drama on top of drama was bordering on absurd for all of us as we each rolled our eyes and asked, "WHY?!" And in the middle of the tension, one of our dry humor members posted this:

Grief is like a bad burrito - it just keeps coming back up at you.

And then it spawned an outpouring of the following:

grief is like a big mean dog. it bites.

grief is like a vacuum cleaner. it sucks.

grief is like a hair dryer. it blows.

And, finally, a very personal reflection:

Grief is like my sister in law. It won't go away.

Well, like I said, what can I say? Grief isn't funny. It sucks. And any dramas, big or small, that come after a major grief or loss, well, they just compound everything and finally it just seems unreal. And somewhere in there, every once in awhile, there breaks open a small sliver, a tiny crack, of dark humor. And there you have it.


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