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NeoFight along with the area hospitals welcomes you to participate in the 18th Annual "Walk to Remember" on October 4th starting at 11:00 at St. Francis Hospital, Beech Grove, IN. Call 317-865-5199 ASAP to leave your memoriam reservation for the 2003 program -- Include your child's name and parent names as you would like them included in the program. If you can help at the NeoFight table, please contact Neofight at and plan on being at the hospital by 10:30.

The website has changed to We are still in the process of building this new site. Eventually, we would like to do the majority of our communicating electronically. This will allow us to avoid large bills for printing of the newsletter & postage. If you would prefer not to receive communications via e-mail, please let me know. I can be reached at: For us to send all correspondence to you through the post office, we are asking for donations of $10 per year to cover some of this cost.

We now have a permanent mailing address... PO Box 17715, Indianapolis, IN 46217-0715.

We have decided that having a pager with voice mail is not personal enough when a crisis call comes. We now have a cellular phone that will replace the pager. That number is 317-446-3013. This will avoid long distance fees. If you have completed listener training, and would like to carry the crisis line, give us a call.

We will continue to have 4 meetings per year. If we do not have new attendees or issues at these meetings, we will take the opportunity to have an extended officer's meeting. The next two meetings will be held at the Wayne Library on September 15th and November 17th. We are actively talking with a couple of organizations in an effort to find a permanent facility in which to host our meetings.

The positions of Secretary and Public Relations are currently open on our Board of Directors. If you are interested in finding out more about either position, please let us know. They require little time, but are much needed. Also, this would help to relieve the current officers of extra duties.

Neo Fight will have a booth set up at upcoming fairs and conferences. If you are aware of events where we could set up our display, we would be appreciative to know about them. Also, if you would like to help at these events, we can always use your help.

We will be sending out a Fund Raising Appeal every September 23rd in recognition of Neo Fight Day, as proclaimed by Mayor Bart Peterson's office in 2001. This appeal replaces our annual membership dues. As always, we will continue to accept donations year round. Some of you may want to send in your donation on your child's special day (birth date, due date, anniversary, etc.). We will be offering to list children's names on our website as special dates arrive. In order for your child's name to be included, you must let us know.

Neo Fight will have a page in the Indiana Perinatal Network and Brooke's Place for Grieving Young People publications. If you are interested in submitting poems, stories or photos to Neo Fight, please contact Julie at:

Representatives from Neo Fight will be visiting the hospitals to apply labels with our new phone number, PO Box, and web address over the old information. If you have our materials in your office or hospital and would like to label them yourself, we can send you labels. That would be helpful as it would insure that we have reached as many materials as possible. The sooner we are able to correct these brochures, the sooner we can cancel our pager thereby saving limited resources.

We will be developing a new mailing list program and member directory. It would be a great help if you could send your information to us, so we don't have to make hundreds of phone calls. We need your name as you would like it listed (including spouses if you wish), children's names (living & deceased) and their special dates, your mailing address, e-mail address, and phone number. If you are a professional, we also need your title & work affiliation. This will give us the most current names of who to contact at each facility.

Thank you for your interest in Neo Fight and for all of your support over the years. Please stay with us as we transition to better and bigger things. As always, with your help, we will continue our mission of providing support to families experiencing a perinatal crisis.

Michie Sebree
President, Neo Fight, Inc.

Katie Smith
Fundraising Director

Neo Fight, Inc.
P.O. Box 17715
Indianapolis, IN 46217-0715

(317) 446-3013

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