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Announcements from MISS Foundation National office

Feel free to visit our new site for more information on our lobby efforts:


This will be helpful to have access to in the future if your state is working on getting the MISSing Angels Bill passed into being a law. Also John Nevels is our new National Legislation Liaison for public policy. John will help coordinate efforts, work with me [Joanne Caccitore] to help you all get the information you need (stats, etc), and offer ways to accomplish this in your state. John's email is legislation@missfoundation.org.

Some of our local chapters have their own websites:

IN MISS is at: community.indystar.com/main.wsi?group_id=1189
WA MISS is at: www.missfoundation.org/seattle


We would like to welcome to Melissa Brock who is our new Miscarriage Program Director and will spearhead an outreach in the U.S. working with Carla Hoffman, for women who have had miscarriages! As many know, their is a unique component to miscarriages which sometimes disenfranchises their loss even from our own 'groups' of parental bereavement. MISS has always embraced women in these tragic circumstances, however, we have not had entire programs to focus solely on the experience of miscarriage. Melissa joins us to help spearhead this program! Her email is melissa@missfoundation.org


Also be sure to check out the Forums on the MISS Foundation site.
We have many new offerings there including a board just for miscarriage,
for hospice information, ttc/sub preg, and so much more.
Stop by and check them all out: www.missfoundation.org/forums


MISS Foundation Information
The M.I.S.S. Foundation was founded in 1996 and is an international non-profit 501(c ) 3 organization
which offers immediate and on-going support for families experiencing the death of a child from any
cause. We offer local support groups, bilingual support, resources, free funeral planning, peer counseling, newsletters, camps for grieving kids, and a wonderful website (www.missfoundation.org). We also believe strongly in community education and awareness. We offer various programs that range from healthy baby education to bereavement support to annual conferences and seminars for medical professionals helping provide psychosocial intervention to grieving families . For more information, please contact the National MISS Foundation offices at 623.979.1000.

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