The Tears of Love
by Stevie Jo Cacciatore

For my sister, Cheyenne

A poor little girl had lost a love.

"But why ...?" she thinks. She finds a quarter near a wishing well. The well speaks to her and says, "You can have any wish you want little girl, but remember you can only make one wish."

She thinks to herself "Lets see , I can have any wish I want but only one." She could wish for money or a new car. Maybe even some new clothes.

But for some reason the little girl starts crying and says to the well, "My one and only wish is for my little sister to be safe in heaven. I don't care for money and things like that just as long as my little sister is happy and safe in heaven." So she threw the quarter in the well as her tears and a big splash came.

The quarter didn't do the trick, it was all the love that came from her heart through her tears.

That one tear gave her that wish- the tears of love.



Editor's Note: Thank you, Stevie Jo, for sharing this with us!

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