Losing Layla...now available in the U.S.
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PLEASE NOTE: As of July 2004, this distributor is now only selling the broadcast rights, not the video at all!! So even with the expensive cost that was prohibitive to begin with, we still can't get this documentary here in the US unless we own a television station! I can certainly understand why some families have taken to breaking copyright law, taping the documentary off cable, and passing the video underground style around the States!!!

We want to thank Kim for tracking down the North American distributor for the Losing Layla video!! While we are *thrilled* it is now available here in the U.S., we are sorry to report that it is only on VHS. No word on when DVD will be available, if ever. Here's the information:

Losing Layla, directed by Vanessa Gorman, VHS, $150 (USD)

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