Dark Day Feelings
by Alice Stephens

You chose to leave this earth that early morning,
it was sudden, you gave us no warning.
The mental health system didn't read you right,
though I tried to get you help with all my might.
If you had had a serious illness of the physical kind,
you'd have had surgery and be mended, but depression is a disease
no one can see with their eyes,
in the end you fooled us all with your affect and demeanor - all lies.
Some day I hope that certain people will know
that the verbal and physical assaults inflicted upon you will haunt them
until it's time for them to go.
It's been three long years without your presence on this earth where you used to bide,
but the love I have for you can never be broken till I'm with you on the other side.


Colin Rivans Stephens, Ellicott City, MD
Sept. 2, 1976-March 29, 1999


Editor's Notes: Thank you, Alice, for this contribution.

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