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From CA, IL, ID

From Huntington Beach, California:

Support Group Information:July’s MISS Foundation support group will be held this Thursday, July 3 at the same bat-station, same bat-time: 8161 Taylor Drive, H.B. 92646

Since we’re heading into travel season and a holiday weekend I know there will be those who will not be able to attend. Please know that I am available at ANY time when you need me. If you are unable to attend the meeting but really need to touch base with the support and compassion that MISS provides, please call or e-mail me and we can get together.

Our CA MISS brochures are finally printed!! So make sure you pick some up at the meeting to distribute to your doctors, hospitals, or any businesses you attend.

Peace and Blessings in the name and magic of our Angels.

Katie Hodge

MISSing Angels Bill in Illinois
- from MISS Foundation facilitator and volunteer, Mary Geitz (also founder of ISA)

I would like to announce that IL SB1649, the MISSing Angels Bill, has passed both the House and Senate without a single Nay vote! It now goes to the governor for signing!

Once signed into law, parents of stillborn babies in IL will be able to obtain a birth certificate for their stillborn infants.

We do, however, have more work to do. Because we were knew it would only pass if it was offered at 26 weeks and beyond, we decided to play it safe and let it go as written. We will now aggressively pursue an amendment so that parents of stillborn babies born at 20-25 weeks' gestation will be included. This effort will begin immediately.

For now, we will celebrate what we've accomplished. I did convince them to include a grandfather clause, so all parents who have delivered a stillborn infant who reached 26 weeks, regardless of when the birth occurred, will be eligible for the birth certificate.

I will find out today when the bill will be signed into law and pass the info along.

To quote a very wise woman I know, we will make this right, "Because ALL of the children Matter"!!!

Mary Geitz

MISS Foundation Idaho
Mothers & Dads in Sympathy and Support

Children of HOPE and KISS KIDS
Second Annual Picnic & Memorial Balloon Release held on June 14, 2003

Remembering: Duncan, Nathan, Mary, Jared, Sarah, Morgan, Matthew, Makalie, Alana Kay, Brenton, James, Samantha, Joel, Drew, Jess and all the precious children gone on.

Wonderful weather this past Saturday made an extra enjoyable day for over 12 families, including 20 kids. Families and friends played, socialized and remembered in a casual picnic setting. With the volunteer help from All Together Now counseling group, the kids were busy with art projects, remembrance tags for the balloon release and a challenging scavenger hunt. Thank you so much, Heather & Sara!

Each child received a treasure filled goodie bag and free tickets to the kid’s raffle.

Thanks to KTSY 89.5 radio & Jerry Woods - for the generosity of these awesome raffle gifts - they were a real hit! Thanks to Boise Family Magazine for the

calendar listing and Cloverdale Funeral Chapel for printing the picnic flyers.

Picnic photos, full album will be at next miss meeting - July 7th.

In memory of their son, Nathan Daniel Foote, we thank Nathan’s mom & dad:
Beth and Dan Foote for the gift of this year’s park reservation.

Thanks to Chapel of Chimes for the supply of balloons and a generous donation that helped out with the growth of this year’s event. Target and WALMART also pitched with supplies- THANKS! Tasha, Shelley & Claudia thanks for the hands on support!

Thank you to all that took part in the parent’s raffle and to the Gould and Peden-Russell families for their gifts. Betty, we appreciate the fun kids book markers!

Thank You to all the families & friends that shared great food,

participated and volunteered, making this a very special day.


RE: Summer sessions for Grieving Teens and Young Adults: GREIF HAPPENS
This is an all volunteer effort of community resources and caring people to address the needs of teens and young adults that are experiencing the death of a special person in their life. Our goal is to help fill-in a gap during the summer months when most school programs are unavailable for student support. In this first summer of organizing this idea we thank everyone that has stepped up to help - there is more to be done.

Flyer for GREIF HAPPENS - attached - please copy, share & post.

Next Monday - JUNE 30th is the first session of three meetings - Urgent needs are as listed below.
Please call if you can lend a hand and share this list with a friend or co-worker to help out with at least one of the three evenings. With summer vacations & activities, we will need HELP!

Donations of iced coffee drinks, bottled water & juice drinks est. 2-3 cases per meeting
3 -4 bags of Ice each meeting
16 oz plastic cups 50 each meeting - straws & lids good idea!
12 Boxes of soft Tissue
150 Name tag labels - that can be processed on computer
Copy services & paper for hand outs
Cardstock & small plastic bags for Kindness card project & help to assemble
We can arrange purchase of these items if funds are donated - yep, a tax deduction!

1-2 Persons to set up, cover and clean up beverage area.
Mondays: June 30 - July 21 - Aug 11

2-3 Volunteers to greet and help with name tags.
Mondays: June 30 - July 21 - Aug 11

Moderator/ Helper for breakout session for parents - 'how to help a grieving teen'
facilitated by Nancy Pitts - June 30

Volunteer Youth pastors, funeral directors and counselors to be on hand for individual needs or questions all meeting dates.

Help to set up rooms and return chairs & tables to original places - whew

Call Nancy Grayson 861-2407 with your ideas, donations or availability to volunteer -THANKS!

Nancy and Peter Grayson - Joel's Mom & Dad; MISS Foundation Idaho - Mothers and Dads in Sympathy & Support K.I.S.S. Idaho - Kids in Sympathy & Support 208-861-2407 missfoundationidaho@msn.com


About the Chapters:
California—Huntington Beach
First Thursday of each month, 6:30 pm
Facilitator, Katie Hodge
Assistant, Kim St Laurent
Email katie@missfoundation.org

Illinois- Roselle
Perinatal/neonatal loss support group:
First Monday of each month
St. Walter Parish House Basement
130 W. Pine St.
Roselle, IL
more info:
call (630) 582-0874 or
email mary@missfoundation.org

Illinois- Wheaton
Perinatal/neonatal loss support group:
Third Monday of each month
Central DuPage Hospital
Danada Convenient Care Center
7 Blanchard Circle
Wheaton, IL
more info:
call (630) 582-0874 or
email mary@missfoundation.org

Idaho - Boise
1st Monday of the month, 6:30 PM
Death of a baby, at pregnancy, stillborn,
infant to young child.
New Heights Christian Fellowship
9950 W. Ustick Rd
Nancy and Peter Grayson
(208) 861-2407

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