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from Joanne Cacciatore-Garard

MISS National Conference 2004

The MISS Foundation's Annual Gathering "From Time to Eternity" is scheduled for May 27-30, 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Pointe Hilton. Featured speakers include:

Dr. Linda Layne, Author "Motherhood Lost: A Feminist Account of Pregnancy Loss in America," which has received national attention. Also, researcher from the University of Oslo, Norway, Dr. J. Frederik Froen, Carol Cirulli Lanham, Author "Pregnancy After a Loss: A Guide to Pregnancy after a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, or Infant Death" and many more! We'll also be holding a workshop on perinatal hospice and a facilitator training for those who want to begin and facilitate family support groups after child death.

While the site is still under construction, you can view more about the upcoming conference and speaker bios here:
or call 623.979.1000 for more information.

Continuing education provided to professionals. Don't MISS this amazing gathering for bereaved families and professionals who serve with compassionate care!


Finding a Therapist

Please visit our new link called "Finding a Therapist:"




Have you experienced a miscarriage? The experience of miscarriage is an often overlooked tragedy. MISS Facilitator of Mexico City, Carla Hoffman, has put together a beautiful journal for women suffering miscarriage called "Dear Child." You can download your copy here: http://www.missfoundation.org/family/DEAR_CHILD.pdf (Adobe required)



During 2002, the MISS Foundation helped nearly 1,000 families in Arizona experiencing one of the worse human tragedies...the death of a child family member.

Please help us continue our work in our community! We provide free peer counseling, support groups, funeral assistance, grieving children's support, books, brochures, resources, conference scholarships, and prevention and awareness education programs.

With nearly 40 chapters around the world, it is becoming increasingly important to have the support of our communities.

Can you please help us and have fun too?

International House of Pancakes (IHOP) would like to help contribute to our worthy organization by sponsoring MISS in a benefit non-profit nights.

Come in and dine at IHOP (see locations below) between July 28th and July 31st 2003, during the hours of 4p.m. to 10p.m., and IHOP will donate 10% of all purchases with the bottom half of this flyer back to the MISS Foundation.

Good Food
Fast Service.......
and a Worthy Cause!


IHOP NON Profit nights......Supporting the MISS Foundation

An event has happened upon which it is difficult to speak...
but impossible to remain silent. ~Edmund Burke

Valid at the following locations:

8359 West Bell Road and Grand and Bell in Surprise, AZ


Power of music:

Music has a special power on emotions.

I'd like to bring the groups attention to a beautiful and touching song by Rap artists, Smilez and Southstar, which was just released. It's called "Now That Your Gone."

It's a beautiful and touching song for grieving individuals and is dedicated to his son, Malik, stillborn in 1999, his mother, and his best friend.

While many songs about death and dying have been written and popularized in contemporary music, I've never heard anything specific to stillbirth.

Below is an excerpt of the lyrics, and you can hear the single on their website is located at:

It's a tough one right here
A real tough one
For everybody that lost somebody
Ya know

1999, I lost my son
That day I felt I lost my mom
Victim of a still birth, man it still hurt
Until this day memories still lurk (Yeah)
I think to myself 'bout what could it been (Uh-huh)
It makes me realize that life is thin
And I promise that you'll always live on
Especially, with your name tattooed on my arm
And Breaks, dog I can't believe that you're gone
Can't believe I gotta menton your name on this song (Man)
Seems like yesterday we was jokin' around
Always had a smile on your face, never a frown (Yeah)
You told me, "Star keep holdin' it down"
You got too much talent to be quittin' it now
So, cause of you I stayed in this game (That's right)
I'ma make sure no one forgets your name (Rest in peace Breaks)

What will I do baby, now that you're gone
You're gone
What will I do baby, not that you're gone (Gone)
You're gone (Gone)

Southstar talking over chorus
What am I gonna do?
You know I miss you
You know I love you ma

I still don't know how I got by (Uh)
All of these hard times I took it and strive
Turn to the pad grab my pen (Uh-huh)
And said that "I would enjoy my life to the end (That's right) And no matter what, I keep my head up Persue my dreams and never get fed up So, when I hear this put up my fist (Yeah) To let ya know that you'll always be miss (Oh)

Southstar and (Smilez) talking in background of chorus
Yeah, dedicate this one to my son Malik
Rest in peace I see you baby
(Yeah, dedicate this one to my mother Gloria
I miss you, I miss you)
To my dog Breaks I knows you're watchin' my back
I always watch yours, you heard Yeah
(My man Adam Ikenser and my dog, we all miss you
Man all your boys miss you know that man, uh)


About the Author
Joanne is the Founder of the MISS Foundation as well as author of the books Dear Cheyenne and The Power of Compassion. joanne@missfoundation.org

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