Angel Love
by Katie Smith

As I gaze into the stars with loving thoughts of you
I feel your presence gaze back at me from Heaven above
When a soft breeze gently presses into me
I feel it's you, my sweet son
Sending me a kiss from Heaven above
On a warm and sunny day
I feel your warmth wrap around me
As if you were giving me a giant bear hug from Heaven above
Whenever a little boy looks at me with an angelic smile
I wonder if that smile is created by your loving spirit
>From Heaven above
You are forever in my heart
Always with my thoughts
Until we meet again
I will never stop aching to hold you snugly in my arms



About the Author
Katie Smith is the co-editor of the KotaPress Loss Journal, a working member of Neo Fight, co-founder of the IN MISS Chapter, bereaved mommy to Charles, and so much more. (We at KotaPress are continually grateful for her help and insights!!)

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