The TEARS Foundation: an update
from Sarah Slack

THE TEARS FOUNDATION had its first official fundraising event today, Sat. May 17th. We had a car wash/ bake sale and our goal was to gain $300 in donations. The weather report this morning called for RAIN and HAIL , but we trusted God to hold back the rain and I can tell you that we did not have ONE rain drop ALL DAY. I heard that in many areas near us that there were hail and rain storms, .....but not over the Chevron on south 19th street! As a matter of fact , my face is pure red from getting sun burned! Thank you Lord for giving us that sunshine, and thank you to those of you who prayed for sunshine for us!

The other AWESOME news is that we reached our goal....we made a total of $305 dollars from this fundraiser!!!!!!!!!!! I need to thank all of the parents and kids who came out and held signs, washed cars, handed out fliers, etc; Lynn & Dave Proctor ; Sanford Slack; Sharon, Corey, & Dupree Mayo ; Mike & Jan Truax ; Mary Santos ; Nicole, Michael, & Justice Johnson ; Kirk, Shannon, Kayli, Toby & Sarah Davis!! You all did so great and we are so thankful for your hard work! And special thanks to Pat Bird & Bill , Lisa Palzer, Lynn Proctor, and Sharon Mayo who provided delicious baked goods for us to sell!

One of the best parts of this event, was being able to touch peoples lives by sharing with them WHY WE ARE THERE. One woman was moved to tears (no pun intended :-)) . One man came to get his van washed and when he read our flier, he looked in his wallet and said "I only have $13.....that's not enough for this. I will be back." And he came back with $30 to donate!

But my favorite story from this event was this. Sharon and I were on the sidewalk holding up the car wash signs. Sharon was holding the sign that said "In Memory " and listed our volunteer's babies names on it. An old man, who was walking down the street by us in tattered clothes, stopped and said "In memory of who?" Sharon explained to him that her baby had died and so had many of the parent's babies who were out here, and that we wanted to raise money to help other parents to pay for their baby's funeral expenses. The old man looked sad and said "Ohhhhhh, I don't have ANY money." We said that's ok and the old man walked on down the street. As he got about half a block away, he dug in his pocket and then walked back over to us. He handed Sharon 50 cents and said "This is all the money I have." Sharon and I were so touched by that man's heart and his giving his last bit of money! I know God will bless him for giving like that!

The owner of the Chevron station was amazed at the amount of money we made. He said that usually the only groups that make that much money are the cheerleaders who are out there in their mini skirts!

All I can say is this was a wonderful experience and it was made possible because of the help of our volunteers. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Sarah Slack - President
The Tears Foundation
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