Two Poems For Nora Elizabeth's 2nd Birthday

For Nora's Family
by Stephanie Marottek

For Christine, Bear, Corey and Abby

Nora is in Heaven
and we celebrate 2 years.
2 years of tough emotions
and of painful grief and tears.
Today we thought of her
with laughter and with pain
and we took a moment
to pray, despite the rain.
What a difference her little life
has made upon our hearts,
We never knew how very much
until the day it all did start.
And as much as we wish
that she were here today,
the fact that she is gone,
makes Heaven seem not so far away.
So Happy Birthday Nora,
we say without you here,
and until we meet again,
know that you are always held dear.

June 3, 2003


Birthday Wishes for Nora Elizabeth...
by Laura Curtis

Nora, Happy Birthday Little Girl!
Our little Angel up above, we feel you as the
Radiant sun breaks through the clouds
A day we remember a lifetime you shared.

Eternal love, eternal light
Little one who shines so bright
In our hearts you stay so close, your
Zest for life, you never lost
Angel in heaven, looking down
Breaking through the clouds of darkness
Easing softly into our souls
Taking us in your arms
Holding us in your heart, together forever

June 3, 2003

Editor's Note
Nora Elizabeth's 2nd birthday is on June 3rd. We all miss her very much and wanted to let her & her parents know that we are thinking of her. Our hearts to all of you on this day when family and friends should be with you over birthday candles, messy cake, and silly gifts. Our hearts to you because those same friends and family should be with you today anyway to have cake with memorial candles and to offer you support. You are not alone. And *all* your angels are proud of you for the amazing work you do in this world to help other bereaved parents. xoxoxox and much love from Hawk & Kara!

About Nora's Mum
Christine is bereaved mommy to Mackenzie, Peyton & Jamie, and Nora Elizabeth.

About the Authors
Stephanie is bereaved mommy to Amanda Joy. Laura is bereaved mommy to Allen.

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