Matthew's game of 'give and take'
by Denise Brown

Three years ago exactly, you left
Taking with you a huge piece of my heart and my life as I knew it,
But you forgot to take your 'Simpson's' tapes,
your favourite fleece jacket and your snooker cue
And you left me with your photos, books and writings
and your clever drawings of grumpy old men!

You took with you all of the hopes and dreams I had for you -
Your birthdays after 21, wedding day and children looking just like you
But you didn't take the sound of your voice saying 'Hi mum, it's me',
or 'Goodnight mum, see you in the morning'
And you left me with memories of your laughter, your dry sense of
humour and your sparkling blue eyes.

You took with you warm hugs, happy 'hellos', telephone calls and bags
full of dirty washing,
But you didn't take the feel of our last big hug and the memory of
your beautiful smile
And you left me with memories of smelly socks, your huge appetite and
your love of peanut butter, chocolate cake and shepherd's pie.

You took with you my belief that losing a child could never happen to me
But you forgot to stop the sun shining, the birds singing, my heart
beating and life carrying on all around me
And you left me with a faith that has helped me to survive, love that
has given me strength to carry on, special friends with whom I can
share my grief journey and a belief that we will meet again one
glorious day.

Goodnight Matthew, I'll see you in the morning.....
Thank you for giving me the joy of being your mother



Editor's Note:
We want to thank Taffy Todd for bringing Denise & Matthew's story to our attention. Many blessings!

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