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This page is just to let Nisa and Eric know that we are remembering Adam on his June 16th birthday. We are so proud of you for all the work you are doing to get that task team working at your local hospital. Your son is proud of his mommy and daddy for reaching out to help other bereaved families, to make sure they will have the best, most sensitive care possible in the future. Our hearts to you!

Adam born and died 6/16/02

We remember.


For Nisa
by Stephanie Marottek

Adam.....oh Adam
my precious baby boy
how I miss you and long to hold you
and buy you baby toys.

It's been so long now
yet it's only been a year.
Sometimes I think I can't go on
and I cannot breathe thru my tears.

I wonder what life would be like
had you lived and not died.
And I know I couldn't have saved you,
even though I would have desperately tried.

I think of you and Emma
and what the two of you would do.
I am sure I would be exhausted
running after the two of you.

What I wouldn't give
to have you back today.
But that cannot happen
and so I just pray.

Oh God, Oh God
please comfort me
I cannot handle all the thoughts
that swirl through my memory.

Adam.....Oh Adam
I sure do miss you today
as you celebrate your birthday
in that Heavenly place you play.

We think of you daily
and know that God holds you near,
but until we meet again,
I am not without a tear.

Happy Birthday Adam!!

About the Author
Stephanie is bereaved mommy to Amanda Joy.

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