Maryland Passes Bill
by Richard K. Olsen, Executive Director, NSS

This is a good time to stop and think about writing your state legislator to tell him or her that you think stillbirth mothers everywhere should receive a Certificate acknowledging the birth of their child. And sign the online petition if you haven't already. You can find it at The site also contains a link to a state by state summary of where the legislation stands. There are also links to NSS State Directors whom you can write and offer to help.

The Maryland victory is especially sweet for a father who has never forgotten his stillborn child. Read what he has to say:

Hi Richard,

Just wanted to share some good news I received this morning. The Missing Angel's Act, Bill #272 will be signed into LAW April 22nd, in Annapolis Maryland. This is great news for all parents in this sometimes slow to act state, but we do have a new Governor, and I must add the first Republican in 36 years. I have been invited to attend the SIGNING and will be there, I waited too long for this day, 32 years 5 months & 6 days to be correct !! Again Dick Thank you so very much for what your doing, America's Mothers & Fathers Salute YOU!

Take Care Friend:

50 states by '05. With your help we can do it.
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KotaPress Editor's Note:
Also now available, for anyone interested in the MISSing Angels Bill and Law, the MISS Foundation has updated its information website to include recent states pending and passed, legislative strategies, and facility compliance information. If you are interested in the history of this legislative change, how to initiate the change in your state, and you would like to visit our link, you may do so here:

For more about The National Stillbirth Society:

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