Baby Safe Haven
From Jean Morrisey

I am advocating for passage of a Baby Safe Haven law in MA, one of only four states that has not passed this law. I oversaw the burial of "Baby Rebecca Mary" who was abandoned in a Boston cemetery, and died of exposure. Baby Safe Haven laws allow a desperate woman to surrender a newborn at a hospital, fire or police station with anonymity and immunity from prosecution, saving the life of the newborn.

This issue was featured in an April 16, 2003, Dear Abby column, where she said readers in states without a Baby Safe Haven law should call their legislators as they are, "Far behind the times." MA, AK, VT, and NE have not passed Baby Safe Haven laws.

States with a Baby Safe Haven laws can use assistance in the public awareness of the option of a newborn surrendered, rather then the tragedies we read of where a newborn is found dead, or near dead, in a dumpster, toilet or other unsafe place.

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Happy Third Birthday Baby May
by Jean Morrisey

It was three years ago today
on this lovely spring day
a little girl was born
who came to be known as Baby May.
She was born to a young mother
who most likely was desperate and scared.
But by leaving her to be found
outside the hospital
meant that she obviously cared.
Baby May became the inspiration for the
Baby Safe Haven bill in Mass
for any desperate young mother
to safely surrender a baby
no questions asked.
Three years have now passed
since Baby May was found in the St. Vincent's parking lot.
This sweet little girl
has grown to be a
lively and rambunctious tot.
Baby Safe haven laws have now passed all over the country.
With Hawaii becoming the 46th state
we can only be concerned now
for the next baby who may meet this fate
or will it be too little too late?
When we hear the news
that another baby is left abandoned or dead
will we then shake our heads in disbelief
and ask who's to blame?
We only have to look at our own state's failure
and we should all be ashamed.
In three years
three bills have been filed.
Ten abandoned babies
including Baby May four found alive.
The lucky ones today with their families happy,
they continue to thrive.
But six of these precious lives were lost
and that is definitely
too high of a cost for anyone
especially an innocent baby to have to pay.
We plead with you today Governor Romney
Please, enough is enough.
And please see to it that a Baby Safe Haven law
becomes a reality,
as a most deserving tribute to little girl May
and see to it right away.



About the Author:
Jean Morrisey mother of four, has been advocating for passage of a Massachusetts Baby Safe Haven law since overseeing the burial of Baby Rebecca Mary, found dead of exposure in the St. Mary's Cemetery in Dorchester, on Nov. 1, 2001.

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