A movie review: Wit (or W;t)
by Kara L.C. Jones

I saw a movie called "Wit" or (W;t) the other day. It's a Mike Nichols film but was done for HBO, not theater release. Starring Emma Thompson. Wow. Didn't know what to expect when I saw it, but it was stunning. Literally. Stopped me in my tracks, made me think, feel, scream, and feel like there is hope for people to understand. This is a film about a woman dying of cancer -- not exactly the grief
topic I usually write/read about, but it was very "right on it" for me. Anyway, if you get the chance to rent it -- or get it from your library (that's how I got it) -- I highly recommend it. The main character quotes John Donne a lot in the film. There was one quote in particular that stuck with me:

And glutonous Death
will instantly
my body
from my soul
-John Donne, 1609

This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo how i felt about the Goddess after my Dakota died. SHE WAS GLUTONOUS and greedy and she instantly unjointed kota's body -- and my body because I was still carrying him -- from his soul. AHHHHHHHH!!! That awful feeling had never quite found words before this. But Donne was right on the money for this one.

Anyway, the film as a whole is most interesting. Unique balance between the emotional and cerebral. Hit the mark for me a lot as I have not yet been able to write about the dychotomies of my academic upbringing, what I thought was a solid belief in the university, and the ways that all crumbled the second my son died. This film approaches all of that in the most insightful and honest way.

And being a poet, I have a great admiration for anyone who can use Donne so profoundly. His words have emotional content -- something I'm sure he intented -- but in ways that academia usually pounds to pieces and leaves at the doorstep.

Well done. Not autobiographical. But written by a woman who was working in cancer and AIDS hospice wards at the time. Very insightful.

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