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by Richard K. Olsen, Executive Director, NSS is officially launched thanks to Nation Stillbirth Socity Texas Director John Nevels. This site features the online petition in support of The Missing Angels Bill authored by Nevels, plus a recap of the status of the bill in every state. You will also find email links to members in those states that have passed the Bill (7 states) so you can learn more about how to get a certificate for your baby; and email links to members in states with the Bill pending (11 states), so you can find out how to help pass the Bill in your state.

Please do all you can to promote this most informative site to friends, family, etc., asking them to sign the petition. Also any support groups or other chat rooms in which you participate could be given the domain name. It's important that we show legislators that residents of their state support our The MISSing Angels Bill -- we can do that by having all of us sign the petition.

Check it out:

Also, our new chat system for the National Stillbirth Socitey is now live online. Go to and check it out. Get familiar with it and spread the word to all groups you know. If you are a member of any stillbirth newsgroups please post the url.

This is a pivotal point in the fight against stillbirth. Mothers, who thought they were alone, now can join together in real time to discuss issues. To adopt the vernacular in vogue, it is a "command and control center" in the war against stillbirth!

KotaPress Editor's Note:
Also now available, for anyone interested in the MISSing Angels Bill and Law, the MISS Foundation has updated its information website to include recent states pending and passed, legislative strategies, and facility compliance information. If you are interested in the history of this legislative change, how to initiate the change in your state, and you would like to visit our link, you may do so here:

For more about The National Stillbirth Society:

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