For Nora Elizabeth: I saw you today
by Christine Grothe

I saw you today
in the eyes of a newborn baby
being gently rocked by her mother
I saw you today
in the smile of a little girl
with brown ringlets
reaching out to touch the ducks
I saw you today
in the tears of your sister
who longs to play with you
and teach you the world
I saw you today
in the still of the cemetery
as I sat there weeping and touching your name
not wanting to believe that you are there.


About the Author
Christine is bereaved mommy to Mackenzie, Peyton & Jamie, and Nora Elizabeth. (Thank you, Christine, for your continued support and expression of grief & healing with all of us here at KotaPress. We need your voice to raise awareness in this world! And your angels are pround of you.)

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