A Haven for Teens
from Shelley Moss

Editor's Note:
We are always on the look-out for outlets offering safe expression to teenagers for whatever grief and loss they may be dealing with in their lives. It's wonderful to be able to offer the following note from Shelley Moss who I've known for several years now. She does amazing work creating space for teens to safely share anything and everything -- while at the same time offering support for their well-being. So, knowing that Shelley is behind this new outlet for teens, we are proud to share her announcement!

Note from Shelley:
I am writing because I would very much like it if your would check out Hearts with Soul (HWS), it is a safe and caring place for writers and artists to get their hard work out there. I am personally the Founder and Editor of the teen section at HWS known as A Haven for Teens. I do hope that you will add us to your website and I look forward to hearing back from you.


Shelley Moss




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