by Angie Westermann

My friend where did you go? I remember a time when smiles and laughter was the song we played. Laughing hysterically at something stupid. Making fun of our idiosyncrasies. Getting together for
coffee, talking of nothing. Yet of everything. You were so important to me. You still are. Yet you have gone. Why did our friendship change? Where are you? I call and there is no one home. We talk and a
void is there. The silence is there. I miss you. Do you miss me? Do you long for the days of sweet friendship, as I do? They say you can never go back home. Is this true? Can I never come back to your arms of love? Sweet and bitter tears fall from my face. I cannot help the pain in my eyes, the hesitation of my laughter. I am afraid of this darkness, I thought you would be here. I am sorry I am not the strong one now. Like has dealt me such tragedy. One I hope you will never know. I miss you my friend. Please come back to me. Let your laughter, let your love carry me. Maybe one day my laughter and my love will come again. Maybe some day.

Author Note: My mind today is filled with friendships lost. Maybe not lost forever but for right now lost. A different kind of grief. I wonder do they even realize how hurt I am and how lonely I am for the days already lived. That carefree time. When my heart was not broken.


About the Author
Angie is bereaved mum to Andrew and Ally.

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