Two for Kota from his Nanna-Memoo
by Beryle Greenwald


He would have been 4
As he walked out the door
laughing and giggling her name.
Don't worry Mom
I'll be fine
Drawing you pictures to hang.
Of butterflies and birds flying around
like raindrops in the spring
And 19 hugs from me to you
And one ladybug ring.



I lay my head upon my pillow
close my eyes and dream
a curly headed fellow
whose eyes I've never seen
a babe who sings among the angels
that I once held in my arms
a Nanna who looks for you in the eyes
of every babe she rocks
and asks: "Did you know my Kota"?
"Did he send you to me?"
then I close my teary eyes
and dream a sea of dreams
of a curly headed fellow
whose eyes I've never seen.


Editor Info About the Author
Beryle Greenwald is Dakota's Nanna-Memoo, she is married to Jiddu, and she's been an *awesome* mum to me!! She's is the only person besides my husband who has truly shared my son's life and death with me. And she's a damn fine poet!

[Editor's note: We love you, Nanna-Memoo]

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