Little boy blue
by Angie Westermann

Little tree frogs and puppy dog tails
A story told of tall tales
Running free and running wild
My little angel boy, my little child

A giggle and a smile so wide
Your every whim never denied
Your little face covered with dirt
Mud stains on your striped shirt

I can see you so plainly my little son
Playing with the stars, oh such fun
Falling down and skinning your knee
Maybe, you get stung by a bee

I want so desperately to give you a hug
In your mama's arm so snug
All those little things I miss
I'll never get to reminisce.

Just hang on tight in my dreams
Life is never as it seems
Waiting for that second chance
To hold my baby and to dance

Swirling you so high to watch you smile
Walking along the country mile
You and I hand in hand
It will be just the way I planned

So the next time we meet my little Andrew
I'll be carrying a little stuffed POOH
I'll hold you tight and never let you go
This much is true, this much I know.

from Mum 02-24-03



Author Bio:
Angie is a bereaved mum to Andrew and Ally.

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