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In the past month, we have had two families approach us looking for help with funeral, burial, or cremation costs. It breaks my heart to know that, on top of losing our children, we have to face unexpected financial costs that overwhelm us in the face of grief and loss. While I'm honored that these families thought of us to ask for help, I'm sad to say that I didn't know right off the bat that there was any help out there! So my searching turned up the following:

MISS Foundation - The national office of MISS is sometimes able to help with the financial burdens of the sudden costs of funerals, head stones, etc. Unfortunately, they have has so many requests in the year 2003 already (it is only March!), that their funeral fund has been zapped dry. Please, if you can help with a donation -- even a small one -- please contact them. Also, they always offer resource support like the following article that can be helpful at that critical moment when bereaved parents just can't make heads nor tails of the fact that they are burying their children! Check it out the link to the full article:

TEARS in WA State - In the process of getting their 501c3, and it should be about 2 months until they officially have tax exempt status. Most of their funding will come from local churches and businesses, and eventually, they will apply for grants if/when they can. The goal of the TEARS foundation for their first year is to help one family a month with financial assistance towards their baby's final arrangements. (This can be towards burial, cremation, headstone, etc.). Each year they want to assist more and more families. They will also provide the families with a list of community referrals such as perinatal loss support groups, etc. And eventually, they would like to have an annual retreat for bereaved parents. Right now, they are in the grassroots stages, and their main focus will be assisting parents with their funeral expenses. Contact for the group is Sarah Slack. Jesse Curtis Slack, stillborn on Nov. 14, 2000, was the inspiration for the TEARS foundation. You can see a memorial website for him at:

Sophies Voice - a non-profit organization whose intention is to help grieving parents bury their child in a manner which helps them find solace. By using donations provided by caring people, Sophie's Voice will assist those that may need some financial help at a time when money is the last thing on their minds. Every parent and every child deserves all the help they can get during this time. Knowing that our Sophie rests peacefully in a beautiful place makes her mother and father just a bit more comfortable.....and that's worth it.

These are the resources I was able to find through my work with MISS and the outreach we are doing in person and online. If you know of any other organizations helping with funerals expenses for bereaved families, please let me know. And if you can help by making a donation of any size to any of the afore mentioned organizations, please do!!



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