Tears for Allen
by Laura Curtis

Tears for Allen fall like rain,
unobstructed they release the pain.

My heart and soul refuse to let you go,
just one more chance to grab your toe.

We had no idea when you took your last breath,
the impact of your passing would have such depth.

Our souls have been stretched as far as they can go,
a love so grand and a pain so low.

These tears I cry when I weep,
the longing for you when I sleep.

You just arrived when you were snatched away,
why oh why weren't you allowed to stay.

We struggle to find meaning in a life so cruel,
did we do something wrong, did we break a rule.

We hold on to the memories and the gifts that you gave,
finding a new place for you, besides the grave.

You are forever in my life and forever in my heart,
Take care sweet boy, we will never be apart.


Author Biography
My name is Laura Curtis, my son Allen died in February 2002 of SIDS.

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