Various Support Resources for Bereaved People
compiled by Katie Smith & Kara L.C. Jones

The Dougy Center offers a page specifically to help bereaved teenagers. They have many other resource supports available there, too.


PBS - THE WEST - Letters and Journals of Narcissa Whitman
Some of these old letters are very interesting for exploring a historical perspective on grief -- things that have changed; things that haven't!

Rings of Passion | ANGUISH — Unknown Artist’s “Mother with Child (Luphinga Lua Limpe)
This is a most interesting and unique piece of African art. It is a symbol used during childbirth, and the most intriguing thing is that it is specifically used to address women who give birth to a stillborn child. This is definitely from a culture unlike our arrogant American culture that goes about saying that stillbirth is so rare and that hospitals are just places where everything goes well for birthing, etc. This piece of art and the explanation offered on this page is stunning, overwhelming -- and yet it is not so complicated! How hard would it be for our own culture to just accept death as part of birthing!?



About the compiling editor:
Katie is a Neo Fight Listener and a MISS Facilitator in the mid-west. All of her work is offered in honor of her son Charles Christopher who was born still on 11/6/99.

[Editor's note: We here at KotaPress would like to thank Katie for co-editing the Loss Journal with Kara!! Her help is more valuable than gold!!]

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