For Christopher Michael
by Margaret Scholebo

There's A Piece Missing
I can't wait to tell my son what's gonna come
The baby brother he's asked for,
Many times but thought we were done.
We've had our four special girls
DJ's seen a lot of lace and frills
He's been patient through the years
Now it's his turn, how he's urned
Baby's born; brothers the first to know
Something's wrong I know as he screams
The nurse says, "Oh he needs it to be healthy"
Now hours have passed but he's in pain
Calls were made but no one came
This tiny son has been through so much
His tiny heart can't feel my touch
His dad held him for one last time
As his heart stopped beating I lost a piece of mine
But one glorious day, I'll find the piece
That's missing On the other side

In memory of Christopher Michael Scholebo



About the Author
Margaret Scholebo is Christopher Michael's mom.

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