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On KUOW and National Public Radio's show The Human Condition:
Emotional Healing after a Miscarriage with Guest Kara Jones from KotaPress
(Don't be put off by the title-- this show addresses miscarriage, stillbirth, and neo natal death)

Megan Sukys hosted this half hour feature about my work with KotaPress on KUOW national public radio 94.9 here in Seattle. If you missed the original airing of the show, you can now hear it on-demand from their website using a Real Player. Go to this address and click the "Listen Now" button:
http://www.kuow.org/HumanCondition_011129.asp (click the "Listen to the show" button)

Don't be fooled or put off by the title "...after a miscarriage," please. This half hour show is about all kinds of loss and then consequent grief and healing that happens for all of us regardless of miscarriage, stillbirth, infant death or death of an adult child. The labels the world puts onto our losses don't make those losses any more or less valid -- it is all a grief experience.

The Human Condition is a radio show that explores well being with a whole-body approach in an attempt to learn more about all the choices in healthcare. This particular episode is archived and available at:
http://www.kuow.org/HumanCondition_011129.asp (click the "Listen to the show" button)

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