MISSing Angels Bill Passes in MA!!
by Joanne Cacciatore-Garard

Huge congratulations to long-time MISS Foundation member, Lynne Barberian, mother of Rachel, for her efforts in helping to pass the MISSing Angels Bill in Massachusetts! Yes, in July 2002, Massachusetts became the 4th state to change its law!

The MISSing Angels Bill, sponsored by Senator Shannon and Rep. Bradley, finally passed the legislature after two long years of lobbying. Massachusetts families are awaiting the governor's signature for a final ceremony to celebrate!

This bill requires the state of Massachusetts to offer a Certificate of Birth resulting in Stillbirth to all women experiencing the death of their child during or just prior to birth. Current law mandates a death certificate, however, Arizona was the first state to also require the birth certificate by passing the MISSing Angels bill with a unanimous senate vote in 2001. Utah and Indiana have also passed similar legislation.

In Victory,
Joanne Cacciatore- Garard
MISS Foundation

For more information on the history of the legislation:


Joanne Cacciatore-Girard is the founder of The MISS Foundation, a compassionate organization that operates support groups for victims of child loss, regardless of the cause. A mother of 5, she lost daughter Cheyenne to stillbirth in 1994 when Cheyenne’s heart stopped beating just 20 minutes before her birth. MISS is responsible for legislative initiatives for the issuance of stillbirth certificates in states across the country. She also serves as the Vice Chairman for the National Stillbirth Society.

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