by R.M. Engelhardt

And lo and behold after the succubus left there was only skin.

It was the time of the rapture and today I saw her once again, watching me
from the inside of an office building window. Just standing there with a big
fat demon gloating over her with his black greasy hair, dancing and laughing
over his good fortune. "Ha Ha Ha A fine piece of ass!" He says and then
disappears back into the shadows to play his horrible music. Foul and detestable
even to all other demons and bad musicians. And my friends these days are visiting.
They bring me good tidings & warnings even though they are long dead and
without all of the Jacob Marley guilt trips. For I choose my own final destination,
they have said. And yet small children have begun to appear again more and
more each day upon the earth, and my soul which once beat with my heart in
my breast has faded and has slowed itself down to almost a halt.
That place where the words of critics don't matter and only the sound of
the true poet's voice remains; the living, dying and breathing skin.


Author Biography
R.M. Engelhardt currently lives & breathes in Albany, NY where he is the host of "The School of Night" open mic at Valentine's in Albany on the last Tuesday of each month. His work has been published in such journals as,, Industrial Nation, Metroland, Verve, Sure;the Charles Bukowski Newsletter #10 and many others. He is also the director of www.AlbanyPoets.Org.

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