When you are Near
by Laura Curtis

When the warm wind whispers soft on my cheek.
When the guitar strums lightly keeping the beat.
When the birds sing.
When I laugh out loud.
My heart is full,
when you are near.


by Laura Curtis

A Absolute bliss
L Life that will overshadow death
L Love that will never be equaled
E Eternal light, eternal love
N Never too far away…


by Laura Curtis

Flowers are symbolic of Allen to me. They start out hidden and wrapped up but there is so much speculation and excitement of their life to come. Once they start to open, it is slowly, just peeking out into their new world. Then, in full bloom, we get to enjoy and love them and admire the unique beauty of each of them. But because they are so special, they don't last forever and we watch them die. In their short life though, they bring so much joy that it fills a lifetime with wonderful memories and love. I think the beauty and wonder of our little guys will never be forgotten just like you never forget the beauty of a flower.



Author Biography
My name is Laura Curtis, my son Allen died in February of SIDS.

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