For Matthew
By Darla Cady

I was the only world you knew,
But this world will never know you.
I heard your tender heartbeat,
And felt your tiny kicks,
I'm glad you kicked for Daddy, too.
We held you in our arms
And touched your fragile skin
You touched our hearts forever.
Tears burn our eyes,
We love you and we want you here with us.
But God has another home for you,
A place of beauty and joy.
As we say goodbye,
We know it's not forever,
But that doesn't stop the pain.
A precious part of us goes with you
To dwell eternally in Love.

in loving memory of Matthew Austin, stillborn 7-21-93


Author Biography
Darla Cady is a freelance writer living in Jefferson City, MO with her husband, Mike, two children, Michael and Melody, and two lab/collie mix daughters, Ginger and Rose.

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