Baby Buttercups
By Martha Weiss

KotaPress Editor's Note:
Martha sent this piece to me along with a note that said she was sharing this with the other bereaved parents in her SHARE Guardian Angel Perinatal Support (GAPS) for Mothers Day and Fathers Day. This writing is hand delivered to parents along with a seedling plant in the hopes that it will make these dreaded "Hallmark holidays" a bit easier for bereaved parents. I was so touched that I wanted to share the gift of Martha's writing with all of you here.

Baby Buttercups
The story of these perennials, Baby Buttercups, as I call them is years old. They were given to us as newlyweds in our new home by a generous neighbor to assist our bare gardens. These lovely flowers spread over the years and I shared them with family and friends. When we moved several years later, I missed my old gardens and had always meant to “borrow back” some of the flowers from those I’d shared with. But time has a way of getting away from us and the idea was forgotten.

Upon the death our third baby in 1996, my sister-in-law brought over three buttercups symbolizing our (then) three children in heaven. I planted and watered and nurtured those little plants as if they were children! “Playing in the dirt” was good healing therapy for me. And in the following seasons the plants have grown and spread. They always bring comforting reminders of our heavenly babies:


These flowers were a sign from God and our last baby in heaven, James Anthony. They bloomed on the very day that we learned that, he also had gone to be with his heavenly family. As I touched the petals that sad day, I noticed how very soft they were…as soft as a baby’s tender newborn skin. I realized that this garden would once again bring comfort and remembrance to my heart. I could “touch” my babies…if only in my heart (and my garden).

And so now, I give them to you as a remembrance, especially for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day. I hope that planting and caring for them bring you a bit of comfort and be a tangible reminder of the love you share for your children in heaven.

No special care is needed for them. Just plant them soon! Shade or sun is fine, and when the blooms are completely finished, simply cut the plant down to the ground level and then you will see them spread in the weeks and months to come. Next year there will be more and more and more! As they grow, so will your strength and your love for your little ones.

May these blooms be a gentle reminder of your precious baby (babies) and of your eternal love for them.

God Bless you all!

Love and prayers always,


Author Biography
Martha Weiss is part of SHARE Guardian Angel Perinatal Support (GAPS). If you wish to contact Martha, send us a note and we'll pass it along.

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